Wednesday, January 9, 2013


big happenings around our house lately
Pres started preschool yesterday
 she's the tiny one in the pink coat & striped hat
 she also started her "big girl" gymnastics class last night -- holy blurry iPhone pic
 Piper had her sleep study last night to rule out sleep apnea

today is Presley's 3rd birthday.  So far, she thinks it's pretty great.  She went to school where she got 2 chocolate chip cookies...came home to another cookie and then snuck in the pantry where she ate an entire box of tic tacs.  Can't remember if I've posted about Presley's trouble with dairy or not (we've ruled out an allergy but due to her nasty symptoms, we've been instructed to cut all dairy out of her diet for now).  I was pleasantly surprised when the teacher asked for my "dairy/nut/egg free" cookie recipe. Thank goodness for these mixes Cherry Brook Kitchen.

Piper decided we need to eat at Chili's tonight for dinner & then we will come back home for her "safe" cake.
Here are a few pics from her party at the orphanage last year...


Leggio said...

Tell Presley Mia says Happy Birthday!!!!!! She has gotten so big since yall brought her home and she looks so happy. :)

Kara said...

Happy birthday Pres!!!

Uncle Luc, Aunt Kara, and Charlie