Monday, January 14, 2013

pray for Lily Grace

Lily Grace is a spunky, 3 yr old that loves her hair bows.  She was adopted from the same province as Piper...Inner Mongolia, China and came home 2 months prior to Presley in May 2012.  You can read more about Lily & her sweet family here "Once Upon a Prayer"  Lily has been in the hospital for almost two months and she needs our prayers.  The most recent update from her mom's FB after her heart cath was stopped today due to complications "Lily is still in critical condition. Her arterial line failed so they needed to place a new one in her ICU room. Lily is heavily sedated, but the feisty little empress kept waking up, so they allowed me to dress up and "play anesthesiologist" . Whenever Lily opened her eyes and fought the sedation, she was quickly soothed by my voice and touch. What a privilege to be in the room soothing her! The echo showed that Lily's heart is not squeezing well. The other bit of bad news is that her brand new fenestration is either clotted or not shunting blood since her vascular system may be dry. Tons of fluid and albumin have been given, but they are not going to the right places!!! Doctors are rounding now trying to figure out the next step. The debate is whether they should put a tube in her belly to drain the excess fluid. Lily's blood pressure went from low to high but is now low again. They are really struggling to get her stable. My poor, sweet baby girl...hold on for that miracle ♥"

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Corey Case said...

Praying for the best.