Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I stink....

.....at blogging.  I'm turning into a once-a-month catch up blogger and that is so not what I want to be.  We are busy - 4 kids, all in various activities plus school plus homework equals a tired mama.  Oh yeah, and Presley is pretty much the most active child I've ever been around so when she goes down for a nap (Thank you Jesus for her sleep schedule) I veg out.


We pretty much follow a schedule around here - cheer practice, gymnastics practice, basketball practice, cheer practice, basketball practice (throw in games & competitions) and repeat.

Presley is making huge strides in her language.  We are starting to get mini-sentences and she doesn't just repeat everything we say anymore but attempts (usually) to answer the question she is asked.  She didn't qualify for speech so no IEP was written but she does get to go to speech class once/week for language help.  I'll just say it again...I love our school district!  She had her first eye exam today and we are woot wooting because baby girl has PERFECT vision!

Piper is still cracking everyone up with the funny things she says.  Today, within a five minute span I learned that the speech teacher has a new hair do (and I like it!), she talked about how she's so glad Grandma Willie is her guardian angel but wishes "her would share her shiny, golden halo cause I'd like to wear that", the speech teacher "agot" to give Pres a smiley face, and how she wishes she could do "ganastics every day cause I'm so awesome at it".  She's finding a happy place as big sister.  Jealousy is fading and she loves to help Pres put on her shoes & coat.

Coop has become an important team player on his basketball team.  He's really worked hard this season and it's showing.  They have spirit week at school this week and he is all about the daily "costumes".  Next up is the Polar Plunge for Special Olympics.  He's raised almost $250.  So proud of my boy's heart!

Chloe is excited about her upcoming Freshman Orientation...and most importantly, trying out for high school cheer!  Her schedule has slowed down a bit now that Jr High basketball is over.

So that's the hap in a nutshell -- be back sooner next time!

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Love to see your updates :)