Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 in pictures

January 2012....
we compiled our dossier
 went to cheer competitions
 took a trip to Chicago
watched several basketball games
February 2012...
took a couples trip to Aruba
 more cheer competitions
 sent Presley a cake for her 2nd birthday that we thought was February 2nd
 and watched more basketball games
March 2012...
welcomed Charlie home from Ethiopia
 yep...more cheer competitions
April 2012...
received our LOA and found out Presley's birthday is actually January 9th
 babysat Charlie

May 2012...
watched Coop at the school talent show
opened the pool
 celebrated Mother's Day

 Piper discovered how much she DIDN'T like t-ball

 Coop's baseball started
 new pictures of Pres
 went to a White Sox game
June 2012....
trip to Pensacola, FL for my cousin's 70th birthday
received our travel approval so started our "countdown to China chain"
July 2012...
China...enough said

August 2012....
county fair
 state fair
 back to school -- 6th & 8th grades
 started harvest on August 23rd
 Chloe turned 13
 football started
 Pres started gymnastics
September 2012...
 Piper turned 5

 cheer season kicked off

October 2012...
cheer competitions

 school basketball started
November 2012...
still cheering
 trip to Disney
 more basketball

we said goodbye to Grandma
December 2012...
and yet another cheer competition

 Chloe's first formal dance
 Piper's school Christmas program
 Christmas day


Jana said...

What an exciting year for your family! Hoping 2013 is just as great.

Tera said...

What a blessed year! I think one of my favorite pics is the one of Piper standing on the softball field by herself. Too funny!

Myra said...

thats a busy family! great post!

Shawn Martinell said...

Happy BIrthday Presley!!! My Lily just came home from China Dec 21st and her birthday is the same day and she will be 3 also!! 2 amazing gifts from China. Hope you have a great birthday with your family.