Monday, April 23, 2012


we had a Very Important Visitor on Friday - cutest nephew in the whole world.  His mama had a meeting at school & we were so totally excited when she asked if we would "mind keeping him" - for reals..mind?  uh I was counting down the minutes until the little man arrived!
it took a bit to get a smile but totally worth the wait
the look on his face here is priceless!
cousins - hard to believe they are 3 years apart in age!
this one cracks me up - do you think they were tired of getting their picture taken?!?
somebody loved their Uncle Justin


Anonymous said...

:) I am thinking the picture of him looking at Justin. . . "Uncle Justin, I am told you drive a tractor. When do I get to ride in it?"


Nancy said...

they are both seriously gorgeous children!