Sunday, April 22, 2012

the stork & new shoes

the sweetest stork ever brought our LOA on Friday.  After I told her what the package contained, she got big tears in her eyes & told us congratulations.  She then said that it was the best package she's delivered in a very long time.  What a sweetie!
another "Jinan" mama from Sweden emailed me this morning to let me know that she found a newspaper article had a few pictures of Presley & even a video that she was in.  The article was from early February and was about somebody that donated 100 pair of shows to the orphanage.  Pres is on the left of the seesaw & is wearing all pink.


Kara said...

You didn't tell me that when I picked up C! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Team Robichaux said...

So precious!!

Cheri said...

What sweet pics!

Nancy said...

FedEx delivery persons are DA BOMB! I LUV them!
And luv the pics too! What a lucky find!

Meredith T. said...

Oh she is precious!!!! Love the FedEx delivery- you are so close now!!!