Tuesday, April 24, 2012

switchin' it up

piper had her 1st t-ball practice last night.  They started out the practice pairing up the kids to practice throwing & catching wiffle balls without their gloves.  Piper couldn't figure out which hand she wanted to use - she'd look at the kid next to her & throw it like he was with her right hand....ball went no where near her target.  Then she tried throwing left handed & BINGO - the smile on her face said it all...baby girl is a lefty.
Of course, she has a right handed glove - she tried to catch it, missed, picked the ball up & put it in her glove (fake it til you make it) and then just kinda looked at it like "how the heck do I throw it now."  Next turn, my smart girlie switched her glove to her other hand - she still didn't catch it but at least she could throw it back!
When it was her turn to bat, the coach looked at her hands (left handed grip) and put her on the "lefty" side of the T...total success.  She hit every ball & the majority of them went past the pitchers mound.
Go Vikings!

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