Friday, February 24, 2012

to bunk or not to bunk?

trying to figure out the best room sit for the littles.  Right now, Pipes has a twin size bed that they no longer make (we originally bought it for Chloe when Coop was born).  If we add another twin bed to her room, we might have to get rid of 1 of her dressers - that would then cause problems with where to put all their sweet girly clothes (our kids' rooms have closets that are a bit "size challenged")  My mom suggested bunk beds - my only fear is, well, my fearless daughter.  A few options I'm looking at - bunk beds that would have a twin over a double so the girls could sleep together in the bottom bunk.  Or possibly a set of bunks with a trundle.  Both of these options would allow us not to use the top bunk for now.  The hunt is on - feel free to submit suggestions


Cheri said...

We bought bunks for Eva and Joy...twin over full. They sleep on the full bottom together. The beds also have 2 large storage drawers underneath. Along came Ivy to fill the top bunk. The girls switch around now and then, but the novelty of having a bunk in their room has worn off and rarely do we have jumpers on the bed. I love the bed, and it is perfect for 3 girls sharing a room. They are so cute that when/if the time comes to split them up, the beds will look nice on their own. Good luck!

Christy said...

When we brought Finley home January 2011 we prepared by buying bunk beds. First off, we only have 4 bedrooms in our house-- ours, each boy (ages 13 and 11) have their own and Mia had her own until Fin came. So, there is no choice but our girls (including Emery when we get her-- 3 in 1 room-- we are crazy)to share a room. The other horrible part is the kids rooms are extreemily "space challenged"! So, if we were to put 2 twin beds side by side in their room, we would literally not be able to have the chair, the kitchen set, dresser or bookcase in their room. So, we decided to bunk them as to avoid a ton of big play items in our loft which is already packed full with kids stuff. We decided to do a twin over full that way if they wanted to sleep together in the full they would have plenty of room. Plus it felt a bit safer beucase if Mia were to take a leap of the top bunk she would maybe land on the bottom becuase it sticks out a bit. We went with the pottery barn style bunk beds and a local furnature store made them for us and copied the pottery barn ones and they look 100% the same and I paid $300 for the bunk beds!! It was sooooooo cheap and they are well made. Its funny becuase we have a leather futon (from costco) type thing in our loft that makes into a double bed. The girls ask to sleep there every night and during the school week we make them sleep in their room but when they dont have school the next day or on the weekends we make the futon up and they sleep with heads on opposite sides adn they call it "movie theatre" and we let them watch a movie before bed. They would sleep there every night if we let them :)

Now, when Emery comes, we will eventually put her in the girls room probably in a toddler bed-- we will have to move a piece of furnature out in order to get the toddler bed in. When we first bring her home she will just be a month or so over a year so we have a massive bedroom so we were thinking about putting her in our room in a crib for about a year or until she needs to move. I think being in our room will be easier on us with sleep, be easier on her for attachment and it will be a room we can close the door for quiet. BUT, we will evenaully have to move her to the girls room. It will be crazy crowded but the girls like being in the same room and as soon as my oldest leaves for college (still 4 years away)we will give the girls an option for a different room. I guess we make due with what we have for now :)

Not sure if you asked for all that but there you go :)