Thursday, February 23, 2012

princesses don't play baseball

coop decided he wants to give baseball another go this summer.  Sign-ups were last night - as I was entering all his info I overheard a dad asking about his son that is entering kindergarten "but has SOOOOO much experience that he shouldn't be in the pee-wee league" and heard the awesome lady that is in charge say "if he has experience we can move him to instructional since pee-wee is for kids entering pre-k through 1st grade."  Hold the phone... pre-k?!?  That means...the little is now also signed up for ball! Not gonna lie, she wasn't thrilled at first "princesses DON'T play baseball".  Then I told her they make pink helmets & she was in like flynn (and then promptly request "pink gwove, pink bat & pink cweats").  Practices start in April & games in May - can totally picture her little legs hauling it to 1st (all the while trying to hold up her helmet).


Tera said...

:) We have a pink glove, bat, and helmet too! No pink cleats though. Both of my girls are signed up and I'm hoping they get to be on the same team. We may miss DD#2s first game though since we'll hopefully be in China!!

Tonia said...

Can't wait for those pics!