Monday, February 27, 2012

baby I'm a star

we live approx 5 miles from the school - our subdivision is in a rural area, very hilly road with lotso' trees.  There is a yellow "watch for deer" sign at the start of the road - Piper shouts out "be careful of the reindeers!"  Then added "reindeers wive in the trees.  Tree starts with a g."
Me "no, trees starts with a t".
Piper "ok but if I write a g on it, then it starts with a g.  Cows don't wive in the trees....they wive in the sun and cow starts with a c.  What day is aday?  Monday?  So tomorrow is Wednesday"
Me "no, tomorrow is Tuesday" and I start singing the days of the week song (to the tune of "Oh My Darling").  "Piper, repeat after me"

It's going really well at first - I sing Sunday, Monday....then she repeats.  I sing Tuesday, Wednesday...then she repeats.  Then she says "I tired of apeating...I be the star and you apeat me"


Cheri said...

Your days with Piper sound so interesting!!

Virginia said...

Oh Piper, you're always the star! Seriously, is it hard to keep a straight face, even when you "need" to?! Too funny.

Gin =)

Kevin and Michele said...

so cute! my she is getting older so fast. and all that hair... ! such a cutie!