Thursday, April 28, 2011

poor little girl

I've been mia - traveled to FL for my great-aunt Beck's funeral...more on that soon. Today my little had dental surgery. We thought she had 5-6 cavities and it would take around an hour. We arrived at the hospital at 6:30, Dr. Sara (world's greatest ped dentist!) took her back around 8:15 and finally finished around 12:15. Baby girl has 18 teeth (only 3 of her 3 ur molars are in & she has a fused bottom tooth) - Sara had to work on 12 of her teeth (cavities & 2 crowns). We got home around 4 - she had a hard time coming out of anesthesia & we needed to wait until she was drinking & able to stand. It's now 7:15 and she's starting to feel a bit better.

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Kevin and Michele said...

Awwww, poor baby, hope she feels better soon!