Monday, May 2, 2011

finally back

Finally have a few minutes to update what's been goin on - I went to Pensacola, FL with my uncle, aunt & cousin to celebrate my great-aunt Beck's life.  We left on Sat, April 23 around 7 am - we made really good time (would have been slightly better if our iPhones had given us correct directions to the Zaxby's Chicken in Calera, AL) and got to Pensacola at 9:30 pm.  Aunt Beck's visitation was on Sunday afternoon and her funeral on Monday- several family members made the trek down from IL, MN, and Hong Kong ( read that correct).  We celebrated the only way the Hale cousins know how - sharing stories, laughing, eating, and drinking good wine. 
me & Shelby at a rest stop in AL - we used to stop here when we'd make the drive down to FL as kids - why yes...that is a huge space shuttle behind us
the infamous Zaxby's in Calera, AL - do not turn right off interstate as your iPhone will direct you....unless you want to see the part of Calera that wasn't included in the "83rd best states to live in" contest...or if you want to buy beer by the can cold & only 99 cents each!
Brian, Ellen, Amanda, & Travis (Travis lives in Hong Kong) - Aunt Karen & I....just a few of the Illinois cousins
We got back home late Tuesday night & then Piper had her dental surgery on Thursday which took her out of commission for a few days.  Her sleep schedule is still all outta whack but she isn't in pain anymore. 
in her recovery room
check out her lips - Lisa Rinna eat your heart out
Chloe & Coop had their school science fair
Coop & his (ahem girl) friend Lexi
Chloe & her BFF Janelle's project
Chloe & her track buddies - Jenna, Jordan, & Janelle
This week we have 2 track meets, Chloe's all-star cheer has started again, 2 dentist appts, 1 field trip, 1 swim class & I FINALLY get my hair done (woot woot for that one!).  Sunday we will celebrate my boy's 10th birthday (actual bday on 5/11) along with Mother's Day.

Sunday Snapshot

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