Thursday, April 21, 2011

splish, splash

Piper is back in swim class - we did the whole Mommy & Me dealio last spring followed by a "special class" for kids who are almost 3 but have shown they can listen to the coach (or something like that) last summer.  We were too crazy busy to fit swim into the fall/winter schedule - I wasn't sure how she'd's been awhile...she would have a new coach...and truthfully baby girl isn't always the best direction follower these days.

how cute is this - ignore the squishy right eye - she swears it doesn't hurt....anybody know where I can get a pair of goggles to fit her precious Asian eyes?
in this picture I swear her head looks waayy too big for her little body - had I looked at the pic prior to her getting in the water I would have worried about her tipping upside down & sinking
she looks pretty confident here - and cute
total look of determination
see the blue swim cap under water....that would be my girl going for a dive ring
and she got it  - score one for Miss Thang
working on blowing bubbles & front float - she cracked us up with all of a sudden she hit her "mermaid" pose....she throws her head up, arms back to her sides (out of water), knees bent (lower legs out of water)....kinda hard to float that way
patiently (??) waiting - totally killed me how she'd put her goggles up on her head
why yes..that would be my kid with her head under water when she was supposed to be sitting like the other two girls
back float - hope she doesn't fall asleep
Miss Kelly's instructions "Piper, keep ahold of the wall with both hands, ok?  Don't let go"  Miss Kelly turned to take another girl across the pool & what did Piper do - she let go and started treading water.  Her head bobbed up & down a few times, she was spinning in circles, we were slightly panicked - Miss Kelly swam quickly back to her.  Most kids would have freaked out, cried, gulped down some pool water, held onto the teacher for dear life...
Piper's reaction - she smiled at Miss Kelly and waited for another turn
not sure what's up with the green tint but - check out this form
my little can make a pretty huge splash
we think she was trying to cannon ball this one - see her legs
legs are a little more tucked now
poor Miss Kelly


Football and Fried Rice said...

Way to go, Piper! I cant wait for swimming lessons this year (I will only have ONE kid in them, not THREE!) lol! And I know my fish will have as much fun as Piper. (same problem with the goggles, though!)

Angie said...

You go girl! She is such a stinkin' sweetheart-and what determination at her age! Love it!

Hunan Mommy said...

Great job Piper! Sidney gives the swimsuit, cap, & goggles 2 thumbs up.

groovy mama said...

PIPER you are too much and i just know that you are going places with all that you contain!
Happy Easter Girls, she is too cute!