Monday, April 11, 2011


my little had to get a new set of ear tubes today - we had an appt with the ENT last week.  She had been saying "what you saying...I not hear you" quite a bit - when the Dr looked in her ears he said "oh, here's the problem"  Her tubes had moved up into the ear canal & there was a bunch of fluid behind them - also a ton of ear wax...I'm kinda amazed shocked at the amount of wax this kiddo has.  Piper likes Dr. Lee cause "him's Chinese wike me" - when she woke up from her 15 min. procedure she wasn't feeling the love though.  Her favorite word was "owie".  After a 3 hour nap, several cookies, juice boxes, and a plate of noodles she feels great but she did tell me "I not see Dr. Wee no more and him's not gonna wook in my ears"


Jolene and Dan Powell said...

Glad all is well and she'll be making leaps and bounds in speech in no time now that she can hear! I wish Tyson and Piper could talk to each other...I'd love to hear them!

Linda said...

I love the post and I hope you shared some of those honest comments with the woman who does not know how much Piper is OURS and loved by all her family no matter how she found us.