Wednesday, April 13, 2011

dog bite day 4

warning - if you're of the squimish type... go ahead & click on that red "x" box at the top right of your screen.
At the encouraging of the school nurse on Monday (dog bite day 2) we took Chloe in to the local Prompt Care office.  I was shocked 1. that they really were kinda & out in an hour....not bad.  2. dogs apparently have a crap-load of bacteria in their little...well in the case of the German Shepherd that bit her...big mouths.  They washed her wound out, made me feel like parent of the year will have to wait til next year for not bringing her in the day before, put her on a 10 day course of antibiotics & sent us on our way.  Instructions were keep the wound clean, Neosporined, covered & have our pediatrician see her in 2 days.  Our ped - love her BTW - said it no longer looked infected so to continue the antibiotics & other instructions.  So without further adieu....I present to you dear peeps...Dog Bite Day 4 pics
puncture wound/gash on top - bruise about the size of a baseball surrounding 
you can see the yellowish bruising a little better in this pic - ignore the adhesive tape marks...they aren't wanting to come off & her leg is sore to the touch
and another view
kiddo numero-uno has been super tough through this whole thing - she even ran in a track meet last night...times weren't as fast as usual but what can you expect when Cujo decides to use your leg as a chew toy?


Cheri said...

Wow! It looks bad, but am glad it is okay. Kind of scary, though.

A Case Photo Place said...

Poor Chloe! I feel for her. I had a German Shepard attack me and bite the back of my knee when I was doing my paper route when I was 12. It hurt so bad, and I've been pretty scared of big dogs ever since (unless I know them). I hope she doesn't develop that fear!

Hunan Mommy said...

I was bitten twice on a paper route....first by a German Shepherd, then a small dog. Hope her leg heals quickly!