Thursday, December 30, 2010

"P" is for Piper

We bought an ipad awhile back - I think it was before we went on our trip to Mexico in June.  Piper quickly decided "it my ipad".  She plays with it from time to time.  Her buddy Sean (my cousin's son) had his ipad at Christmas.  He's a total whiz-kid on the ipad - he's our own little miracle. 
After seeing Sean totally rock at his ipad Piper has found a renewed love for ours.  She amazed us at a match game - too cute listening to her "nope, that doesn't match" and then quickly finding the matching card.
Drawing with smiley faces
"That say P for Piper!"
Chloe & Cooper slept in today - Chloe got up around 11 and at 12:10 Coop is still in bed.  Piper used the opportunity to put on a show for me.
Reading on the fireplace
Singing a song - watch for her on American Idol 2025
Jump off the stage & finish big baby girl
She then went on to to show off her floor routine
"I do a roll"
"I pratising my tuck"
"See da pike!"
"an I do da lung (lunge)"
not quite sure what this move is but she totally rocked it
finish it up with a handstand


Cheri said...

Quite the talented Piper! How funny!

Myra said...

what a performer indeed!!! video next time pretty please!

Jen said...

I love the pictures and the commentary on what Piper says- what a cutie pie!

groovy mama said...

How CUTE is she, i mean REALLY!!! She does ROCK and she is gonna be something when she is older, watch out! Love the pjs too!

Happy happy day