Monday, January 3, 2011

Weight Wars

I can remember wanting to gain weight when I was growing up - I was built alot like this
After I got out of school, I still had a freakishly fast metabolism - I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.  I was also teaching dance so that was my exercise.  When I got pregnant with Chloe I weighed around 118 (I'm 5'7) - I gained 67 pounds.  After she was born I quickly lost the weight (alot of it was water - can we say cankles?!?) and got back down to 123.  I went back to  my old eating habits but started taking aerobics classes and coached tumbling classes.  I gained just under 30 lbs when I was pregnant with Cooper - again, I lost the majority of the weight getting back down to 125.  I continued taking aerobics & started teaching dance again and continued coaching tumbling.  My weight went up a little - I think I weighed about 130 when I left the dance studio & started coaching gymnastics at my current job.  Since then I pretty much stopped exercising - I get a little exercise but not what my body was always used  to.  I still have my bad eating habits.  I hate to admit this but since June 2006 I have gained 31 lbs - most of it since bringing Piper home.  So if you aren't a math person...that's  161 lbs.  YIKES!!!!! 

I have my first session with a personal trainer today (along with 2 of my coworkers).  Mission 31-36 (that's lose 31 lbs by my 36th birthday - kinda catchy, huh?) starts today.  Eating healthier, working out - bring it on. 


Andrea said...

Good for you!!! My hubby and I started revamping our lifestyle over a week ago and we both lost 5 lbs:-) Good Luck!!!!

Cheri said...

Oh, I'm with you! I weigh too much. The older I get the harder it is to come off. Good luck!

I'm slowing my eating habits. We'll see if that works.

Anonymous said...

Awesome goal! You'll do fantastic I'm sure!! :) Happy new year!