Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bad Blogger Award

I've once again been a bad, bad blogger!  We've been busy - Chloe & I spent all last week at Flip Fest . 
Chloe with Justin Spring, Shayla Worley, John Macready, John Roethlisberger, & Brett McClure
See that little set up legs up there?  That's Chloe on the ropes course
After her team won skit night with an awesome dance - she was just a little excited
Chloe won "Happiest Camper Award"
Saying Goodbye to John R. 
We all knew Chloe had decided to "retire" from the sport of gymnastics at the end of July but it was still a tearjerker for this Mama to pack away her leos.  She has broken one of the 10 commandments of gymnastics "Thou Shalt not quit gymnastics to be a cheerleader"  yep....GASP she hung up her grips to pick up a pair of pom pons. 

In other news....we are the proud owners of a pool and I think all three kids have grown gills.  I celebrated the 6th anniversary of my 29th birthday and got the best gift EVER.....a Big Green Egg.....not sure how I ever lived without it!  My brother and his wife have their dossier in Ethiopia so at some point...I'M GONNA BE AN AUNT!!!!!  My boss/BFF and his wife found out today they are having a girl - she is due at Christmas time.  And lastly, our town/village has started putting in sewers - they started our road today and YIKES it is a mess!  We'll have to hook onto them sometime next summer - after seeing the huge dirt piles in the road I'm thinking I'm not gonna worry about reseeding the yard next year until after they are done.


Cheri said...

Well, Happy Birthday to you too! I love that "6th Anniversary thing". I haven't seen 29 in so long that I could not figure out the anniversary!

I wanted to see pics of the pool, but I'll wait.

I love having my own water flow, not having to pay for my water consumption. I don't think I'd ever get on the town's water if I did not have to. I cannot imagine how large our water bill would be. Seth takes long, multiple showers daily. Our grocery bill is larger than our mortgage. I'm sure our water bill would be twice as much!

Hunan Mommy said...

If Tom (my husband) saw this, he would have (meat) smoker envy.