Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Fair

Our county fair was this week - I loved fairs as a kid...I usually went with my Grandma & Aunt.  We rode sister had an unfortunate run-in with a dumpster after getting off the Tilt-o-Whirl.  We ate WAAAAYYYYY too much food.  We went through all the horse, cattle, hog, & sheep barns.  Last night we decided to take our kiddos to the fair - Chloe & Coop have been to several over the years but this was Piper's first one.  We talked about it yesterday - she said she didn't want to go because "I hate pigs...I DON LIKE!!"  Weird because I know she's never seen a pig with us & I'm not thinking there are alot of pigs running the streets of Inner Mongolia, China.  We ended up having a great time - food, barns, & rides.
not sure about the bunny
baby chicks
mmmmm kettle korn!
Remember those pigs?  You know the ones "I DON LIKE"?  yeah...she kinda changed her mind

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groovy mama said...

Love the Tu-TU at the fair and the HUGE bag of popcorn!