Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day, the zoo & a surgery

On Saturday, we took the kids to the zoo.  Of course, it's been really nice here lately but a cold front came through on Friday night & it was cold/windy/cloudy the whole day.  The kids still had a blast.
Chloe & Daddy in the petting zoo
Piper & Mommy on the carosel
Chloe helping Piper see the sealions
Coop & his long lost brother
in the Rainforest
The view from Daddy's shoulders
Piper picked this bear from the gift shop and said "una come home?" so of course we had to buy him
Coop's birthday is May 11 so every year (well, at least the last 9 of them) we have had a Mother's Day/Cooper's family birthday party.  We rent out a local "hall", Daddy grills out & the whole fam comes.  It was a great day!

Piper trying to climb the coat rack
Coop's football cake
Front row: Coop, Chloe - middle row:  my mom, Grandma Shirley (my mom's mom) holding Piper, & Grandpa Bundy (or as Chloe called him for years...Grandpa white hair) - back row: Justin, Kristi, Jeff (my sister's boyfriend), Kelli (sister), & Luc (brother that is anxiously awaiting a referral from Ethiopia!!).  My brother Alex & Luc's wife Kara weren't able to make it this year
Front row: Coop & Chloe - 2nd row: Mojo (Sean's service dog), Uncle Jim (my dad's brother), Grandma Willie (my dad's mom), Aunt Karen holding Piper (Uncle Jim's wife) - 3rd/4th row: Cyndi (my cousin Andy's wife - remember the wedding post a few months back?), Shelby (my cousin) holding onto Sean (her son), Jeff (sister's boyfriend) & Kelli (sister), me & Justin, Aunt Da (my dad's sister), my dad, & brother Luc.  WHEW!  Cousin Andy was working that day (like all the good golf pro's do) and Shelb's husband Steve had to leave early so missed out on the photo op
Front row: Justin's mom holding Piper, Coop, Brandon (Justin's brother), 2nd/3rd row: Kristi, Chloe, Justin, and Justin's dad.  Great-Grandma Goble wasn't able to attend as she broke her ankle this past week.  Prayers for a speedy recovery!
Our fam - as you can tell by Piper's "fingers in her ears) she was tired of getting her picture taken

Coop checking the corn

love this shot

Today, Chloe & I got up bright & early to head to the hospital.  She has (had) a birthmark on the back of head that had the potential to turn into skin cancer.  We saw a pediatric dermatologist when she was 2 that first wanted to remove it at that time.....then she decided it would be better to wait until Chloe was older.  A plastic surgeon took it off today - they had to put her under & poor kid was pretty teary when she woke up.  The procedure went well - she has several staples in her head which she thinks looks "tough" and was very happy to learn no hair was cut/shaved during the process.

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