Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Birth Story

Nine years ago, my sweet boy came into this crazy world.  Justin & I went to the hospital on May 10 because I "thought" I might be in labor.  See, I was induced with Chloe & since it was 3 weeks from my due date I thought maybe it was false labor.  My doctor was out of her office that day (jury duty I think) - her nurse checked me & said to go to the mall, have lunch and walk, walk, walk.  A few hours later, contractions were a little stronger so we went back to the doctor's office - nurse checked me again, I was dilated more so they said to go outside & walk some more.  She said we should come back that evening...which we did.  I got a pretty hospital gown & was sent to walk the hallways.  Finally, at midnight they admitted me and gave me pitocin to help the process.

When my contractions starting getting stronger, I begged asked nicely for my epidural.  With Chloe, the epidural was wonderful...I really had a pain free labor & delivery.  With Cooper - the anesthesiologist came in complaining about how he had been woken up.  He yawned through the whole procedure & talked about how he couldn't wait to go back to bed.  Labor progressed & I was in ALOT of pain.  The nurse kept assuring me it was pressure - it was nothing like my labor with Chloe.  They finally had the anesthesiologist come back to check my epidural (he was more awake at this time) and oops....instead of the meds going into my spine..uh yeah...they were running down my back because the catheter had "slipped out".

My doctor's med student came in to check on me & the nurse told him I was ready to start pushing.  Coop was coming pretty fast & the doctor wasn't there yet.  The nurse told the med student that he might have to deliver the baby.  He turned a funny shade of grayish/green & said "I've never done this before". Yep, just what every expectant mother wants to hear.  Luckily, my doctor got there in time (didn't want to scar the poor med student for life).  Coop was born 3 weeks early weighing 8 pounds 8 ounces and was 21 inches long.  The cord was around his neck and he got 0 for color on his APGAR.  He pinked right up and after the newest epidural finally wore off we got to go to our regular room.

We love you Coop!


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Happy birthday to Cooper!


Kevin and Michele said...

WOW, what a story!! I think I'll stick with adoptions!!!
Happy BD to your son!