Tuesday, October 16, 2012

special note

Coop had his end of the year football banquet.  Hot dog roast, potluck style, pick-up games of football - perfect for 3rd-8th grade boys (and a couple of girls).  Each year they present medals to the players & cheerleaders.  No pics this year since Justin is still cutting beans & I had to play back-up cheer coach at the middle school ballgames for Chloe.  So thankful that we have wonderful friends that offered to watch Coop tonight!  One of his assistant coaches took the time to handwrite each player a note.  I've said before how impressed I always am with our program but this is above & beyond.  Every kid deserves to have someone make them feel special.  Thank you Coach for doing that for these players!

     Man, it was fun having you on the team!  You had a great year and kept the team pumped with your positive attitude and sense of humor!  I am proud of the hard work you put in a practice and your willingness to do whatever we asked you to do.  God has great plans for you Coop and with your positive attitude you'll have no problem facing any challenge.  Great job, and I'm glad I have been one of your coaches for the past few seasons.  I hope I can coach you again.  Have a great year!
                                                                 Coach Reiling
       Go Vikings!"

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Nancy said...

A personal note?? Oh goodness what a special coach!