Wednesday, October 17, 2012

more pics

here is our conversation after Piper brought home this picture from school the other day....
Me: Piper, this is a great drawing....
Piper: thanks, that's you.  I forgotted to give you arms
Me: what is that yellow thing?
Piper: the sun
Me: um, the other yellow thing (kinda concerned)
Piper: oh, well (dramatic pause).  That purple is your neck so duh, that's a neck-a-lace! (whew)
Me: and what is that squiggling thing on my face?
Piper: oh, that's a chipmunk.  I kinda messed up but I gave you bwack hair so it's ok
cutest Vikings on the planet - Presley's cheese face....kills me every time
"my future's so bright..I gotta wear shades"  and yes, we are still having trouble keeping her dressed
 too much rock for one hand 
love this kid
 any guesses as to when Pres flashes this pose?
 monkey see, monkey do 
if gymnastics doesn't work out, maybe wrestling? 
(Piper's giggling here, no worries)


Corey Case said...

OMG. That is so funny. Keep drawing Piper, I love it!

Forever Sisters said...

These crack me up!
Your girls are adorable :)

Tera said...

These pictures crack me up!!