Thursday, August 30, 2012

what's happenin'

bad blogger, right here (insert frowny face).  I do a much better job taking a quick pic on the ol' iPhone & putting it on Facebook/Instagram than taking the time to upload pics to the computer, uploading to picasa (since blogger won't let me upload directly), typing out a blog post.  Life has been a tad bit busy.'s the past 2 weeks in pictures.....lotso' pictures
the bigs started school on August 18th -- Chloe is in 8th grade
 Coop is in 6th grade
 yeah...they're pretty much the same size
 on her 1 month gotcha-versary...seriously too cute for words
 Chloe teaching Pres the art of posing for the camera
 we discovered the Presley's head is harder than Piper's from tooth
 quick trip to the oral surgeon to remove the rest of her tooth
 all gone just in time for her 1st day of school
thanks to a September 19th birthday and a September 1st cut-off for Kindergarten, Piper will be attending Pre-K for the 3rd year in a row.  No worries....the routine will be good for her with all the changes at home.  
Ready for the school open house (I think little sister thought she was going to school too)
 Chloe turned 13 on August 23rd
 Piper's official first day of school -- she picked out this crazy day-glow dress all by herself
Daddy harvested a little corn
Chloe had several friends over to celebrate her birthday
they showed off their pool stunting skills
the littles were banished to the deck
football is in full force....this year, we are the Vikings (like our school team) but the new jerseys didn't make it here by the first game
Piper isn't a huge fan of football, sitting in the sun, dirty feet from the nasty cinder track, or having everyone talking about how cute your baby sister is
 and this would be why everybody was talking about the cute baby sister
 I swear after each child that I'll never do another parent/tot gymnastics class again and yet, here I am.....welcome to parent/tot gym class Pres!
if she was speaking more English, I think she would have said "I don't need your help"
bar baby

 channeling her inner Michael Jordan
 Piper has class at the same time in the other gym but came to check out the handstamp, crawling tunnel, all fun things Pres got to do  how well Presley did in class

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Sharon Ankerich said...

WOW! You HAVE been busy!!! Loved seeing all your family in the pics! The field ones are awesome~ I grew up on a dairy farm and my dad/brother still run in and just finished cutting silage. Can't believe it's been a month since Presley came home. They are all so sweet! Blessings and love this long weekend!!! XOXO