Monday, August 13, 2012

4 weeks

4 weeks ago, we opened our hotel room door & Pres literally barged her way in without looking back.  Yes, there has been tears but we don't hear her "China cry" very often anymore.  We've had moments of wanting anybody except Mama.  We've all been hit & bit.  

But.....we now get more smiles than scowls....we get kisses on the cheek & big bear hugs...we hear "thank you", "bye bye", "hello", "Mama/Daddy/Chloe/Coop/Piper/Izzy", "shoes", "all gone", "pretty", "baby", "uh-oh", "uh-huh", "shoes"

we've tried sleeping in our own room (but prefer to sleep with Mama & Daddy)
played dress-up
rode around with the sibs (while Piper looked strangely like Richard Nixon)
ate brownies
made trips to the County & State fairs
Piper loved the pony
 Pres...not so much
learned all about fair food

not sure what this is, but I'll take 2

 Piper shooting some hoops
butter cow in progress
hereford barn
 milking a cow in the dairy barn
 petting a bunny
 under Chloe & Coop

we've had a pediatrician appt with LOTS of blood work (8 vials to be exact) all which came back negative/normal -- and a cardiologist appt where we learned that her special heart is A-ok & we don't have to go back for a year!  Thankful for the day!  To celebrate, we made a quick trip to the mall for some new bling (excuse the blurry instagram pic)
it's been a whirlwind, amazingly awesome 4 weeks with this super special little girl -- so blessed!


Sharon Ankerich said...


Cheri said...

Everyone looks amazingly well! I'm glad Pres has settled in so well. Enjoy the rest of summer.

Jen said...

Wonderful post to read! Looks like all is well. Wonderful news from the cardiologist!!

Jana said...

Thanks for the honest glimpse into you new normal! I am so glad Presley is doing so well!

Debbie Sauer said...

She is so precious. Glad to hear about her heart. Blessings

Nancy said...

What a change 4 weeks can make. She looks so amazingly happy and adjusted! Congrats!
nancy-of the crazy 9