Monday, July 23, 2012


sorry for no post yesterday -- we've been so busy and are having an amazing time hanging with our DTC crew!!  This will be a picture heavy post cause I know that's why you stopped by.  Leggo.....
last night in Jinan -- somehow I missed posting this before.  
 first sip of Coke
 guess she liked it
 1st plane ride
 somebody (ahem...Piper) was a bit upset by her chipping nail polish so we did a touch-up
 Pres shoved her out of the way so she could get a turn
 they get along best in the tub
 I swear this child couldn't get any cuter if she tried

 petting a baby croc

 we've had a few days where I think my kids have turned into baboons
 feeding the monkeys -- 5RMB (less than $1USD) for a bag of raw potatoes & carrots.  The monkey with his hands up caught several that were tossed to him

 sign says "no climbing" - she apparently can't read since that is exactly what she tried to do
 mama & baby

 Safari on wheels -- animals were super close

 worn out from all the excitement

 locals can drive their own vehicle on the safari -- guess this person didn't read the gazillion signs telling you not to feed the animals
 baby zebra - so sweet!

 baby wilder beasts
 they gave Chloe plastic gloves to eat her chicken wings with
 Piper said she's 4 so she gets an ice cream cone
we didn't know tigers were such good swimmers

 white tigers
 feeding tigers - she wasn't thrilled to touch raw meat...10RMB (less than $2USD)

 ignore my goofy face - I was saying "JiaJia" trying to get her to look at the camera
 baby tigers

 bottle feeding the baby white tiger

 baby girl looooooves her some ice cream

Coop's a bit of a celebrity
 feeding the giraffes - 15RMB (just over $2USD)

 playing so well together
 having a great time
 ok, that's enough
 giant pandas

 lesser pandas (red)

Ni Hao Yall


Cheri said...

I'm loving all the pics and that sweet new daughter...she looks like she likes her new family.

Linda Powers said...

Great pictures!!

Linda Powers said...

Great pictures!!