Saturday, July 21, 2012

medical exam

we made it to Guangzhou!  The Garden hotel is spectacular -- we are in an Executive level suite & I swear it's as big as our first house was!  A huge group -- I believe 13 families from our agency went to the medical exam today.  We all rode in a charter bus & it was so nice to meet face-to-face with the people we have shared this journey with!
 waiting for her turn to see the doctor
 Heidi -- love her!!
 just a bit of confusion as to which girl was there to be examined -- they kept grabbing Piper.  Pres weighs 24 lbs = 4% (US charts)
 measured on top of her hair bow so not exactly accurate -- 33.8" tall = 11%
 checking out her heart

 temperature station
 eye chart for older kids

 ENT time

TB tst
 I'm not sure which one of us cried more :(
the long road

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