Tuesday, July 17, 2012

orphanage pics & around Jinan

first - to answer a few questions we've gotten......  We aren't calling her Presley very much yet but sticking with her Chinese name JiaJia (pronounced Jah Jah).  She was 2 on January 9 (shares a birthday with my mom).  She does seem to be on the tall side -- maybe not by American standards but definitely taller than Piper was at this age (then again, Piper hangs out around the 10% for height). She isn't very heavy though...I would guess around 25 lbs -- her little hips are very narrow & she has no belly.  We don't notice any delays developmentally - she runs, climbs (on everything), has great fine motor skills (including putting a cap back on a Gatorade bottle by herself).  She is quite, like she's taking everything in -- she does point & things and say what we assume is the Chinese word for it (while skyping with Grandma & Grandpa, she pointed to G-pa and said the word for Grandfather and then pointed at our dog and said the word for that....thanks Ni'hao Kai-lan for teaching us some basics ;)  She isn't potty trained -- or at least, she uses her diaper no problem.  They told us at the orphanage that she uses the toilet but we will work more on that when we get settled at home.

we are still having some trouble sleeping -- we fall into bed at night completely exhausted but then can't sleep in past 3 or 4 am.  Well, except Chloe & Presley -- they are champs in the sleep dept!  Pres has had an upset tummy.  I'm not sure if it's the stress, all the snacks/food she's been eating, or a combo of both.  We are trying as bland of a diet as we can find.  Breakfast was congee, a bit of white rice, and a cup of plain yogurt.  After breakfast, we walked to the Square & underground marketplace.  Coop didn't have any swim trunks & we needed more drinks.  While we were at the square, we saw a water fountain "show" to a Celine Dion song.
 Piper is trying her hardest to teach Pres to pose

 she loves riding in the stroller - if we don't put her in it quick enough, we get a bit of whining, patting herself and then patting the stroller...she also tries to back up into it

 sleepy girl

the orphanage Director, Mr. Shi, and a man that Pres lived with for a month.  Jinan has foster family apartments in the orphanage. 

 artwork done by kids in the orphanage

 model of the orphanage
 more artwork

 all of the stairways had different sayings in Chinese & English on the steps

 one of the nanny's
 Presley's crib -- I completely lost it, big.ugly.cry.  

 and then they put her in it & yeah...lots more tears
 they told us that JiaJia doesn't like to go to bed & that she would climb in & out of each crib in her row

 each child in her room has a flower with their birthdate on it
 on the door in her classroom
 sharing a snack with Piper in her classroom.  They told us she had class twice every day where they read books, played, and learned new skills

 the lady in the hot pink grew up in the Jinan orphanage, after college, she came back to work there

 recreational area
 statue in the courtyard

 baby girl was worn out after the visit
 Coop requested Pizza Hut for dinner
 giving Piper the stink eye after she sat too close to her - for the most part, they get along great
 she wouldn't touch the waffle fries but wanted to check out the ketchup.  She is kind of a picky eater -- she knows what she wants & will push everything else away
 left handed

 right handed
 hotel lobby
 she got the giggles


Yvette said...

Love all of the pics and Jinan is so much nicer in the summer! We were there in Dec and it was dark and dreary - also your hotel is so much nicer in location!!

Sharon Ankerich said...

WOW~ the orphanage is beautiful!!! SO glad you all got to visit and Pres did so well! Praying you all got a good night's rest and ready for your day!!! XO

Angie said...

Looks like things are going well! I cried too when I saw the picsof her crib in the orphanage....the orphanage looks beautiful and clean! Can't wait to see more of your journey...living vicariously through you my friend ;)

La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

Amazed that you got to see so much of the orphanage. It is very sweet. The rows o f cribs get me though.

Blessings to you as you bond!

Jana Markwell said...

Love going along on this amazing adventure with you guys! Love all of the photos!