Wednesday, July 18, 2012

museum, springs & balloons

how's that for a descriptive title?!?  We walked to the Science & Technology Museum today.  We've found that at most "attractions" in China you pay by height -- so Chloe & Cooper are the adult price.  The museum was supposed to cost approx $3 (USD) - Justin told the lady we had 6 people and had Piper stand up so they could see how tall she was.  Another lady behind the counter said "you all free" -- of course we thought we had misheard so kept trying to get money out.  In the end, we all got free tickets -- we aren't sure why?  The museum was nice -- definitely for kids.  Pres was a bit bored but happy to ride around in the stroller.  Coop loved it (he's 11).

 watching other kids play

 these 3 girls followed Piper everywhere -- when she started talking, the one in hot pink gasped....don't think she was expecting English

we left the museum & walked around the square area for awhile.

 we had our first stroller fight

Somebody wanted to get in the stroller all by herself

 Chloe got ice cream & quickly became the littles favorite

our guide met us at 4pm & walked us to Baotu Springs -- it was beautiful!  Definitely not stroller accessible -- lots of stairs & walking across rocks (over springs) but worth it!
 coop fishing for silver coins with a magnet

 brooms made from bamboo

 a spring the locals get drinking water from

 building in honor of the liberation of Jinan

 names of soldiers lost during the liberation

Justin & Chloe went out to get food and the restaurant gave them a balloon

 noodle girl
 she loves her shoes & wants to wear them at all times


Kara said...

love the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!! so you pay by height, but justin got in for free?

Sharon Ankerich said...

WOW~ you are the best picture poster ever. Loved every single one. Pres seems to be doing so great. You all are having a great trip!!! Blessings and love! XO

Cindy said...

Love it!

Angie said...

Great pictures! So happy to see you are all doing well...I love all e pictures, but the ones of Chloe and Presley together just caught my eye...the sisterly love already between the two shows :)

Tera said...

Two cute! Love her smile!!

Anonymous said...

we were aJinan June 3, 2012, to find our son Zhibo, and through his blog, we are reviving all, we are happy to read it, is the best world experience