Tuesday, January 10, 2012

people doctor

The whole fam started seeing a chiropractor - the hubs has low back issues (thanks to a herniated disc & a bit o' scoliosis), I have neck issues (as in my neck curves back the wrong way - goal is a 45 degree curve..mine is a -13).  Coop gets headaches so we figure why not have him checked out - turns out he has the best spine out of all of us (way to go Coop).  Chloe has a few issues - maybe from her years of gymnastics/cheer?  Then there is Piper - ugh....I wanted to cry when I saw her x-rays.  Her neck - it kinda sticks out at a weird angle, not really any curve & then her little head tilts back.  Our chiro thinks it is probably due to the way she was positioned in the womb. 

Anyway - Pipe's has great listening skills.  Add that to a very curious kid & she can know tell you "my brain's in my head.  I's got a spine with nerves.  When my spine's good, my nerves make my body good" (thanks for feeding her curiosity Dr Johnson).  She came with me to the vet.  He has a model of a dog's knees & also lower spine/hips.  Piper wanted the scoop so the vet told her what everything was and when he said "bones in Izzy's back" she perked up & said "um, I think you mean the spine. (like duh)  I's gonna be a doctor when I all growed up.  But not a animal doctor - a people doctor"  She then told him where her brain was, about nerves, and how her skin covers it all.  After the vet shut his gaping open mouth, he said "well Piper I think you have a good start on becoming a doctor - you know alot about anatomy."  We went out to the reception area & an older man was at the counter - he commented on how cute Piper was and she then told him "and I know awot about anatomy". 

That's right folks - she's got brains & beauty...watch out world


Cheri said...

Cute! What a great memory! I need to go to the chiro. Really bad. Just can't bring myself to make the time.

Jen said...

What a cutie!