Tuesday, January 10, 2012

happy baby

Piper & I were at the gym - I was holding the owner's baby.  Sophie (13 mos) is seriously the happiest baby on the planet.  My mom commented on how happy she is & then said something to Piper about her being a happy baby. Piper said "no, I was a baby & I's waiting on my mom & dad to pick me up from China"  oy....add this to the "when we go to China to get my sister, don't weave me there this time, k?"

on another note - I had Sophie in the gym & a girl from the kid's school said "um, so where did you adopt her from?" 

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Jana said...

Oh my goodness Kristi! It is amazing how much Piper remembers. It hurt my heart to read that but thankfully you all have each other and you are a perfect fit!