Saturday, January 28, 2012


back to the Chinese Consulate in Chicago - total success!  Last document was authenticated, Fed Ex'd and is now on it's way to Birmingham so our sweet agency rep can send our dossier to China!!!!!!!  Here's a few pics of the day...
Chicago Stock Exchange
 heading into Millennium Park

 Korean students on a scavenger hunt - so Chloe posed

 and then posed for another group

 not posed - just looking out for the little

 self portrait
 Piper asking the Fed Ex man to help get "my wittle sista home from China"

 happy mama finally getting rid of that dossier
our package is on schedule to arrive at Lifeline by 10:30am on Monday - Logan (aka sweet agency rep) is planning on getting it sent out on Tuesday.....fingers crossed it all works out!

Sunday Snapshot


The Petersons said...

Wow! Awesome blog! Great to hear that you got to send off your dossier.

From This Moment said...

LOVE the Bean! I'm from Chgo & solo miss it, but not the weather!! LOL
Logan is our rep, too...congrats on an "almost" DTC!!

Martha @ Berrybliz said...

Cute post...Love the photos and I praying for speed on getting that wittle sista home from china soon.

Amiee said...

So happy for you!! Your blog is great. Thank you for all of the advice and help on China Adopt site! I will be praying for a quick delivery to China for your dossier.

Stefanie said...

YAY for success with your dossier documents! How exciting that you are so close to being DTC!! Looks like everyone had a GREAT time in the process, too :)
Thanks for sharing your Sunday Snapshot this week!

Football and Fried Rice said...

What a beautiful day in Chicago!! Can you even believe this weather? So glad you've got that dossier off to Lifeline!!