Thursday, January 26, 2012

another edition of Piper talk

she's at it again - like on a daily basis....kid cracks me up (and at times makes me wanna call up my mother & totally apologize for my attitude as a wee one).  So here we go - Piper's most recent thoughts

She was trying to put on socks under her leggings - I told her "it would be easier to put your socks on first".  Her reply "ya, well it be easier for you ta do it for me"

At lunch yesterday "I's so cute, you take a picture with your phone and put if on Facebook?"

Last night she headed upstairs to put on some dress-up clothes & yelled down "get the camera ready"

She was a rock star at gymnastics the other night & got to ring the bell several times - I asked her after class if she had fun & she said "oh yeah..I pretty awesome at ganastics....I so beast" (and yes, that is beast)

There is a Chinese family at the gym that I have known for several years & used to coach both of their daughters (also trying to figure out how I could arrange a marriage between Pipes & their adorb son Ethan).  The father hadn't seen Piper for awhile & asked when she started talking so much - she replied "I know Chinese" and then threw out a huge "Ni Hao" and other (I guess?) made-up words that did sound Chinese.  She then told him "I watch Kai-Lan"

She also continues to say "I can't wait to go to China to get my sister.  I so excited to not be the only Chinese in my house"

One of her favorite activities right now (I mean besides commandeering the i-touches & i-pad) is to sound out words & tell you what letter they start with.  "Daddy....da..da..da... starts with a d"  "Phone...fa..fa..fa... starts with an f" (ok so this one isn't right but the ph throws a lot of peeps off), "kitten..kuh..kuh..kuh...starts with a k" "tomato...tuh..tuh...tuh..starts with a t"  I'm tellin' ya - baby girl is brilliant!

She is also doing a bit of math without realizing it's math - Justin & I took her to lunch one day & she said "who's missing? (she does this a lot) "there 3 of us here but 3's missing - Chloe, Coop, & Preswey...we possed to have 6"

On another note - received our 800A approval via Fed Ex today (an hour before the estimated delivery time).  We will be driving it to the Sec of State today.  Tomorrow, we've decided to take the kiddo's out of school & make a fun day trip to Chicago.  I spoke with our agency rep today & as long as she receives our document on Monday we will be DTC on Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest.  Pres's birthday is on Thursday - amazing to think our dossier will be headed to China by that point.


KBam said...

I look forward to the Piper quotes, they always make me LOL!!!

Jana said...

This girl cracks me up! She was walking down the hall at school swinging her hips and waving at all of the students on my class, a la Miss America. They got such a kick out of her! Happy birthday to Presley!

Tera said...! She is adorable! I always love when you post these. Have fun on your trip to Chicago.