Tuesday, November 29, 2011

the wait

I'm still having trouble uploading pics to my blog - they look fine on the computer & upload to facebook with no probs....but upload to blogger & they look terrible.  Any suggestions?

adoption update - we are STILL waiting for our FBI clearances.  Based on the reported averages (from my fav adoption board), this is what we are looking at timeline wise - give or take several weeks depending on how fast the US & China decide to process our paperwork.
  • currently waiting on clearances & then 1-2 week wait for state approval of our home study
  • apply for I-800A (US immigration approval to adopt from China) - approvals taking approx 75 days
  • send all notarized/certified/authenticated docs to agency so they can send to China
  • wait for LOA (super imprtant paper from China saying we can adopt Presley) - taking approx 68 days
  • apply for I-800 (US immigration approval to adopt Presley from China) - approval taking approx 19 days
  • wait cable/art 5 - taking approx 29 days
  • wait for TA (travel approval) - taking approx 18 days
so what does this mean - really nothing...it's all a guesstimate...we could luck out & get super fast approvals or we could be a rider on the slow boat & wait well past all current averages....but it's all I've got right now. 


Mush said...

Have you tried uploading to Picasa? That's how I usually do pics for my blogger blog. Good luck!

Mush said...

Have you tried using Picasa for uploads? I've had no problems using that for my blog here on Blogger. Good Luck!