Monday, November 7, 2011


I've been trying to upload some basketball pics from Coop's first game this past weekend but it's not working - I mean, the pics upload but they are all weird looking....any other blogspot-ers having trouble?

Our homestudy is done - except our FBI clearances which should be back this week or next - we'll be submitting our I-800A paperwork as soon as the clearances & state homestudy approval come back.  Any chance of this happening before Thanksgiving?  Fingers crossed.....


Nancy said...

Blogger pics seem to be working fine on my end.
And fingers crossed for you! We're so hoping for LOA by Thanksgiving. But I'm doubtful. But your home study and submitting the i800a? That's SO going to happen by then!
Nancy-of the crazy 9

Jana said...

Crossing our fingers and toes for a quick return!