Wednesday, November 2, 2011

patience is a virtue

a virtue that I apparently don't have...sigh.  So on the plus side - our home study will be finished tomorrow because our social worker rocks.  On the negative side - she is still waiting for our FBI clearances.  So what does this mean?  It means our home study will sit waiting for that last little piece...sigh.  After stalking the net boards - FBI clearances are taking anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. 

What's next after the FBI declares that we have nothing anywhere in our backgrounds that could halt our adoption?  We wait for the state to approve the home study (again our social worker rocks so this should happen pretty quickly) - and then we apply for our 1st immigration clearances (yes...more clearances...very similar to what we are currently waiting on which has caused many states to put a nix on this step for home studies). 

On a better, less Debbie Downerish note - we sent the little a care package with a photo album (she needs to get used to our mugs) & a blanket.  I also asked if they would mind not cutting baby girl's hair again - verdict is still out. 


Christy and Kevin said...

Hang in there! We know the wait X2 and it is no fun, but what a blessing when you get her home! We will continue to follow along.

Kara said...

L does rock. She will be here on Friday.

Cheri said...

Don't you remember these same emotions from the last adoption? You'd think it would get easier with each one, but it doesn't. I'm sure if I were to adopt again, I'd be 5 times worse than the last time. Hang in there. Soon you'll be checking things off the list, left and right.