Friday, October 21, 2011

just cause she's so cute

baby girl is a total beauty - from her gorgeous eyes to her full mouth to that rock star little spike on the top of her sweet head.  can't wait to get this girlie home
and since we all love a good Piper story - she's gonna be a great big sista...walking around her room the other day she said "I's gonna have a tea party with Preswey....I's gonna share my babies annnnnd my Barbies!  I's gonna share my pet shops too.  I's not gonna share my hair bows & Uggs...Preswey needsa get her own"
the long road


Football and Fried Rice said...

everything but her uggs and hair bows! thats not bad!!

and you are right - your new baby is DARLING!!!!!

Diane said...

Nothing like sisters!

She is beautiful!!

Nancy said...

Ya... I don't think I'd be sharing in Uggs either! Besides, every girl needs their own Uggs!
So adorable... both of them!

KRowe said...

OMGsh, that is classic Piper and I LOVE it! Presley is a doll and yes I do believe you nailed it, she is gonna give Piper a run for her money!