Sunday, September 11, 2011


my cousin Beth Ann was here visiting from NC - she flew in to surprise her mama (she's super sweet like that) & I just happened to run into her at the mall on Friday night.  Since my dear Aunt is home from Cali (woot glad to have her home!!) we planned to get together at Beth's parents house & then go to dinner on Sat.  Beth Ann's daughter Tatum is a year younger than Piper - they met for the first time last night & were oh-so-cute!  I think if Beth & her hubs ever move to IL (hint, hint) the girlies would be best buds.  Here are a few pics from our evening together...
Coop didn't want to sit with all the girls - Piper has her goofy smile, Ava's trying to figure out what Piper is doing & Tatum's playing with Chloe's phone....but good job Addison & Chloe - way to power through the madness
this one's better but still - Piper's smile is killin me
see, Coop really was there
one more try
Chloe & Tatum
Tatum thought Coop was pretty cool
not sure what's going on here - maybe a wrestling match?
we left to head to dinner where we saw lots of major cuzzie love
Sunday Snapshot


Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog. Your kids are precious and I LOVE COUSINS! I have 14 and they make for the best memories!

Virginia said...

Fun! Cute pics, too...but with those subjects how can you miss.

Gin =)

Chris said...

Very cute. Love that "cuzzie" love!


Nancy said...

Isn't cousin-time the BEST!
Looks like a fun fun time!
nancy-of the crazy 8/9

Sharon Ankerich said...

Cousin time is often the best time~ sure is around here!!! :) XO