Tuesday, August 9, 2011

wrapping it up

sigh...summer's almost over....double sigh..

the kiddos start school in a little over a week - ok, so the little doesn't start until the 25th (translation: Piper will be throwing a fit every day the other two get to go to school & she doesn't).

Chloe & I are leaving on Friday to visit my aunt in Long Beach, Cali - excited, much?  Shopping, beaches, food - maybe a few celeb sightings - "dancing on the edge of the Hollywood sign"?

Coop's heavy into football practices - only prob..he got his jersey last night & it's on the tiny side (like his belly button was showing - cue Chris Farley putting on David Spaid's coat in "Tommy Boy")

Cue Piper quote of the week "I not Asian, I Chinese...why you say I Asian?"

and lastly - I'll admit it, I kinda fell off my exercise/diet regime this sums - jumped back on the wagon & joined a Crossfit gym.  After the 1st day's 7 min work-out I couldn't walk (seriously...I had to crawl up the stairs) - went back yesterday & I can't lift my arms.  Do you Crossfit?  Love it!!

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The Iverson Happenings said...

Glad you love Crossfit! I miss it so much I LOVED every minute of it! You will be seeing the results pretty quickly. I couldn't move for the first week or so but after that you body doesn't hurt as bad :)=