Tuesday, June 7, 2011

mini-vaca day 3

Sunday - 3rd & final day we hit the ballpark to see the Sox take on the Tigers.  I grew up at Wrigley (Ryne Sandberg - dream city!) & Busch - having never been to (or seen on the tele) an American League game I had to ask the hubs what the heck was a designated hitter & why the pitcher wasn't batting
my boy loves the Sox
no - we didn't buy the little her own popcorn...she stole it from Coop
she also had a lemon ice - it's all about the snacks
Daddy got her a ball cap which she left on just long enough to get her pic taken
she also swiped (Piper no swiping) Coop's bag of peanuts
and thought she was pretty hilarious
kids jersey - or on Piper dress - day give-away at the park....I know you're jealous....we have 3, count 'em 3 youth XL Sox jerseys
after sitting in the sun for a few hours, eating lots-o-snacks, my girlie was a bit tired
so there you have it - 3 days of fun in Chi-town!
the long road


Kayce said...

Fun times! Love the photos and love baseball too!

The Wickershams said...

Looks fun! Never seen a girl look quite so cute in Sox gear :)