Tuesday, June 7, 2011

mini-vaca day 2

we started day 2 off at Chicago Chinatown - as you can see by the sign next year they will celebrate their 100th year anniversary
we walked around, shopped some & then stopped for lunch - Piper was digging the tea
we felt like we were back in China - listening to the other tables speaking in Mandarin, having to ask for forks, Coke that came in the can (but we did get glasses of ice), and the various "feet" on the menu.  Being the uber-adventerous fam we are, we settled on a few rice & noodle dishes
Pipe's playing in the courtyard
silly girlie - she ran up to this statue & said "ooohhh, dis wion's sooo scary" - see her fake scared face?
1997 - year of the pig....bring that sass baby girl
2001 - year of the snake
1999 & 1975 - year of the rabbit
next up - Shedd Aquarium
so apparently newborn dolphin calves are about the same size as Piper at 44 mos
(she's currently 36 3/4" & 30 lbs)
Happy Feet 4D experience which totally sparked Piper's "all things penguin" obsession
see the glowing blobs behind the kiddos - jellyfish! 
waiting not so patiently for the dolphin show
sharing a cookie with her favorite boy
"I's pracading my beam outine"
see ya tomorrow for our 3rd & final day!


Kara said...

When your brothers were at the penguins spot last time we were at the Shedd, we sat and watch them for an hour. . .

Virginia said...

Looks like a fun time! Ypur Piper looks positively squeezable! She's adorable in her pigtails.

Gin =)

Hunan Mommy said...

I couldn't believe how much I felt like we were in China in Chicago's Chinatown....so much fun! Great pics!