Thursday, May 12, 2011

holy hosta

going crazy patiently waiting for the hubs to finish up in the field - the landscaping at our "new" digs is driving me a bit batty.  I don't do evergreens - yes they are low maintence but...not my cup o' tea and this pad is covered with 'em.  Evergreen trees...evergreen shrubs.  Trees = blocked view and our dreamy beachy area my man is planning doesn't include huge trees.
 Shrubs = so much a small tractor will be needed to pull the suckers out of the ground.  Then we have the dreaded barberry bushes - I got out the electric trimmer & cut 'em way down.  They scratch you when you walk by, they seem to attract wasps (or at least they have a boatload of wasps swarming around them). 
So I'm makin a list - magnolia, forsythia, azalea...bring on the color!
A month or so ago I started pulling out all the dead weedy messes around the house.  We had a few hosta plants coming up.  The weather turned cold & rainy so we weren't spending much time outside.  I now have these gigantic hostas - do we have a prankster neighbor that put a bucket of miracle grow on the plants?  I know the hostas love 'em some rain but come on - before long it's gonna be shading the 2nd story deck!


A Case Photo Place said...

Crack me up, Kristi! I love hostas too, and have a lot of them (crazy that I don't have the ones you show here though?). I have to split mine every year or, you're right, they WILL be as tall as my house! If you ever split yours and need to get rid of a start or two, I'd love to have one of that species. I'll offer the same to you of the 16 other varities I have here in Clintucky. :)

Football and Fried Rice said...

Oh, and I love your evergreens!! having lived in Colorado - I love anything that reminds me a a "real" forest!! Your hostas are huge - will you split them with me? I could use some on the side of my house.

And then, we will lay out on your beach :-)

The Wickershams said...

It looks like it will be beautiful after you're all done with it!