Wednesday, May 11, 2011

double digits

my boy turned 10 today - sigh......
seems like just yesterday he was born, 3 weeks early,  21" long weighing 8 lbs 8 oz.  Today he's 4'11 (3/4" shorter than Chloe who is 2 years older) and weighs around 80 lbs.  Oh yeah and he passed me in shoes quite some time ago - he wears a size 6.5
as I might have boy has a girlfriend.  he came home today with this football that she "bought with her own money" - what a sweetie
chloe got him this Bears flag - ok, so she won it at school in some "football for heart" competition but it's the thought that counts, right?!?
lawn darts/jarts - much safer than what we had as kids
she loves her "Coopie"
electric scooter
ready for brownies & ice cream


Cheri said...

Oh, so sad to leave the single digits, never to return again. Life will never be the same! Happy Birthday

A Case Photo Place said...

I can't believe Cooper and Callahan turn 10 this year! Seems like just yesterday they were about 2 or 3 and were squirreling around on the dance studio floor together (and we had to keep getting on them to settle down ha ha!). Or when they wrestled at the age of FIVE? That picture of them in their singlets making those "muscles" still cracks me up! Where did the time go? Happy birthday, Cooper!