Friday, April 8, 2011

what to expect

when I was preggers with C&C I would pour over this 
when we were waiting to bring Piper home, I hung out on a ton a few adoption boards - I bought a few books but thought I had this in the bag....I'd had two toddlers before, I'd coached 100's of toddler age kiddos problemo.  But, I also had my own expectations - I knew that she could have additional needs beyond what was in her referral paperwork, I knew that she could have attachment issues, I knew that it was possible that she just might not like us (gasp...right).  What I didn't expect was what a total ittle rock star my girly would turn out to be
and that scar I talked about in my last post on "The Real Face of Special Needs" - here it is in living color
can you see it?  I can't - what I do see is a mouth full of crooked little teeth that will for sure need some major ortho work but other than that...thank you China for such a great palate repair!
The Real Face of Special Needs

Don't forget to click on the link to read more about some awesome kiddos - my friend Jess has posted the last two weeks about her oh so incredibly handsome boy Gabe.


Jess and Tim said...

Kristi-You can just tell how spicy she is!! Look out! LOL just love that sweet face!!


Jen said...

Love the post! Piper has such personality :)