Saturday, April 2, 2011

might as well jump

I love me some Van Halen....not Van Hagar although the piano part of "Love Comes Walking In" kinda tops my awesome list.  Anyway.....Chloe was jumping for joy last night after cheer tryouts
After tryouts, they handed each girl a sealed envelope with their results - this way they could open it in private if they chose to.  My sweet girl didn't want to open her's in front of the other girls in case she made it and they didn't - love her huge heart!  Her friend Ali was dying to know so Chloe opened the envelope and was beaming when she pulled out the congrats letter.  So proud of my girly!  She changed her facebook status to read "I'm so happy I made cheerleading but I feel really sad for those that didn't" - seriously love this kid.

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