Friday, April 1, 2011

in my daughter's eyes

The Real Face of Special Needs Friday
The Real Face of Special Needs Friday was started as a way for parents to share photos of their beautiful children. It is to look beyond the "social stigma" of special needs children and to see their true beauty!
1" scar
When we started our journey to China all those months ago, we decided to adopt what China called a "waiting child" or a "special needs" child.  Piper was born with a cleft palate (which they repaired in China resulting in a 1" scar on the roof of her mouth) - because of this, she was deemed "special needs".  
She is special
She's creative
She's smart
She's loved
you see - her only real "need" was a family
Not a week goes by that somebody doesn't say "she's so lucky you adopted her" or "how fortunate for her"  um....really?  We are the lucky ones

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The Real Face of Special Needs


Jess and Tim said...

Love that peanut and her funny "piperisms"!

Jolene and Dan Powell said...

I love when you post what she says. I've seen enough video that I can actually hear her saying it as I read it!

Hope for Elisyn said...

Oh Kristi, she is just too cute!!! I love the little diva in her!!

{thank you for participating in the 1st ever "The Real Face of Special Needs Friday"!}

A Case Photo Place said...

What a beautiful post, Kristi. It made me tear up. She is special indeed!