Thursday, March 31, 2011

you better think

so as you might have noticed...I'm kinda stuck on song lyrics for my blog post title lately.  What song will you all be humming or rather belting out today

Thought it would be a good time to post some more funny stuff the little has been coming up with.  She's seriously so smart - but not just book smart (although I do think it's pretty cool that 19 months ago she knew NO English & now she knows all of her letters & even colors like "silver" & "teal"...oh and that there is "light pink", "hot pink" and "kinda like a purple pink" - brilliant?  I think so)...the kid has mad common sense too.  My facebook friends have already seen this comment from yesterday but it's too good to leave out
  • Piper takes the best moments to insist she needs "a hug and a kiss" - she doesn't usually ask for one when we're just hanging out but like yesterday when I was taking a hot pan off the stove she needed one that second (the smirk she has on her face when asking for one kinda makes me think she's asking for a hug at that exact time on purpose).  Anyway - I ask her to hold on a sec & she puts her head down saying "I very very sad....thanks awot"
  • I asked her if she was my girl yesterday & she said "I da Chinese girl"
  • She has an adorable Indian girl in her school class that she insists is Chinese "Hers have bwack hair & hers have bwack eyes....hers is Chinese like me"
And a shout out to my girl Myra somehow I accidentally deleted your comment from yesterday.....I think I must have super enormous thumbs or something cause I swear I hit the publish button from my sweet iPhone screen but nope, the delete button lit up & poof your comment was gone.  But I do believe you can buy TOMS in a store or online & they still donate a pair - there are no stores around me that sell them so I had to order online.