Thursday, March 10, 2011

progress & delays

Piper went to preschool screening this past October - she was WAY delayed in her language skills.  They went ahead & had us enroll her in the "regular" pre-K instead of ECE (early childhood education).  She goes 5 days per week, 2.5 hrs each day and attends speech class during that time (twice per week).  Her teacher wanted us to have her rescreened this spring to get a better idea of her progress - she explained it as "I'm with her every day...if I evaluate her it would be subjective". 

On Monday, we went back to the screening place (ie Methodist church basement).  She was totally confused & asked "you mean I go ta two schools aday?"  followed by a "you kidding me?"  They use scale system (Dial 3 Profile - whatever that means).  There is a "normal range" highlighted on the scale - when she was tested in September she was below the normal range on almost everything (considering she had only been with us for just over a year I wasn't concerned). 

The results....her "concepts area" went from a 6 to a 10, "language area" from a 2 to a....ready for this?....9!!  But, her large motor skills are still considered delayed - why you might ask?  Oh just cause she can't skip or catch a ball - really?  um, I'm not a teacher...or a physical therapist...but I do work with kids her age & older in a very physical sport and I'm kinda surprised when I do get a 3 yr old that is able to skip.  When you ask Piper to skip, she gallops.  I think she's just perfect.

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The Gotch 5 said...

You do realize in order for them to count her as "catching" the ball she has to catch it with ONLY her hands! We just had Brynlee DIAL screened and she was behind on gross motor because she couldn't catch either then they explained she couldn't catch it with her hands and bring it to her chest! Too funny how they test these days!! I would say Piper is doing GREAT!!! She seems to be like Bryn 3 going on 13!!