Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Chloe has cheer tryouts at the end of next week - keep her in your thoughts...she'll be a bit devastated if things don't go her way.  Anywho - she had to come up with an "individual cheer" and will then learn a group cheer when the clinics start next week.  They also show off 2 jumps, a bit of tumbling, & a stunt.  She's been working hard at home on her individual cheer -  I think she looks great!
Not to be outdone - here's Piper's version...


Brooklyn said...

Looks good, Chloe!! Piper is stinkin adorable. :)

groovy mama said...

your girls are too good and piper, she is such a comic, love her personality, she is gonna go far in her life!

A Case Photo Place said...

No worries for Chloe! She'll be an absolutely awesome cheerleader!