Tuesday, March 29, 2011

cause baby goodbye, doesn't mean forever

Justin pretty much insisted suggested that we go to dinner last night.  I wasn't really in the mood - I had been running all over most of the day, he was in the field & burning ditches, Chloe was done with track at 5 but then wanted to go to the gym at 8 to stunt some, both kids had homework....  I gave in & threw on some jeans - he said is that what you're wearing, don't you want to look nicer that maybe I wanted to put on a nicer top since it was a date & all (woo hoo - a date with the 3 kiddos).  So we head into town & he starts to drive towards the gym - a co-worker (and awesome friend) had told me she had a gift for Coop.  I wanted to wait to pick it up but Justin was pretty insistant - can you see where this is going?  I'm pretty much getting pissier by the minute.  We pull into the gym, he runs inside with Coop - Piper chooses this time to wake up screaming "I not wanna go to da dr"  um, ok, we're at the gym Piper "I not wanna go to da gym, I HUNGRY!!!".  Then Russ (former boss & friend) calls asking why I didn't come in to say hello.  Unload the girls & head into the gym.  Russ is in a total rush "hey I wanna show you this video" (Syd...level 10..future Hawkeye..competed an AWESOME vault at state) so as I'm following him around the corner I see
Really...a surprise goodbye party for me?!?
mmm cake!  
awww - an autographed team pic....love these girlies!
one of the girl's older sister made a super sweet video of pics throughout the whole season
partners in crime
signing a super cool poster - how cute are they?!?
my better half - not sure how I would have survived this season without her!
the two awesome team mama's that put together the party - so lucky to have these two AH-MAZING ladies in my life!
Piper and her friend Peyton - this kills me
Thank you RSA - I love you all and will miss seeing your chalk covered faces. It's been a great, crazy ride.  In the words of the Terminator "I'll Be Back"


The Wickershams said...

Love your blog! Your little Piper is precious :)

Cheri said...

Oh...aren't you glad you put on something "nicer"? You are so blessed.

Jen said...

How wonderful! It is always nice to know how much others support us.

Looks like you will be missed at your gym!